Beautiful Beneficials: Ambush Bugs

I love to look closely at flowers and plants when I am walking through the landscape. Over the years I have discovered some incredible things and taken some great photos. Each season, I discover new natives and new insects. One of the most interesting, but little thought of insect, is the ambush bug.

The ambush bug is a voracious little predator

This little predator waits patiently on the tops of flowers for its meal to come along. While its prey may just as often be a butterfly or other pollinator, it also get a hold of pests such as beetles, other bugs, and insects that serve as both pollinator and pest (moth species in particular). 

Ambush bugs are common daisies

I see the ambush bug most often on the compound flowers of daisies, blooming in mid-summer. The ambush bug has brown and yellow markings, giving it the ability to blend with the flowers. 

Keep your eyes open for the ambush bug!

Look for this bug the next time you are wandering the garden, and be sure to note its shape and coloration. Happy planting!

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