Author’s Garden: A Look Through 2018

Welcome to my garden! Last year I introduced you to my garden so you should be familiar with what is going on. However, over the winter of 2017-18 I made some changes to the main entry beds and added on along the east property line with beds and fencing. Next year, look for photos from the Potager Garden aka the vegetable garden. Let’s get started!

The main entry garden bed is ready for a change!
Wagon wheel sculpture added to the main entry garden
Early summer view (looking NW) of the main entry bed
Another shot of the wagon wheel sculpture
Walking into the main entry garden
Another shot of the main entry garden
Early spring comes to life
Another early spring view

In the main entry bed I originally had a rusty fence near my Switchgrass ‘Shenedoah’. Last winter I took this out and replaced it with a sculpture of wagon wheels, that fit in better to the garden’s rustic theme. I also moved cream cans from the porch to the entry beds, using one as a birdbath and one holding the sundial. 

Washing tub fairy garden on the porch

After moving the double washing tubs to the porch, I planted them up with shade loving perennials and annuals and affixed them with fairy garden items. 

Container creations

In the backyard, I planted up a few different containers to decorate the patio (photos to come in 2019). This space will be enhanced more with a privacy fence and play area to come. Behind the privacy fence is the cutting garden, which will also be photographed in 2019 (it is in its 2nd year and not ready for viewing). 

Bed frame trellis garden
Fountain with bed frame trellis behind

The bed frame trellis was added this summer to screen the concrete walls of the basement. I used 3 antique bed frames to make the trellis.

Walnut trial garden
Another shot of the trial garden

The trial garden under the black walnuts did excellent this year, except for the astilbes. They really did not like the early heat. However, the bellflower, globe thistle, and hostas all did wonderful. 

Native border garden

Along the east property line I expanded the native shade border. I added wood poppy, turtlehead, beautyberry, hazelnut, nodding onion, and a border of blue wood phlox. I also left any natives that came up during the year, such as Virginia stickseed and Spanish needles. 

Monarch waystation

We had a good year, followed by a great autumn with much needed rains. Winter appears to be leaning towards high moisture. I look forward to 2019.


Happy planting!

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