8 May Tips for the Lawn

The American Lawn, although a tedious chore, can be the pride of a beautiful landscape and home. It is the definition between landscape beds, and “blank” space that lets the eyes rest between the hubbub of flowers and textures. Without some solid green space, we would have no place to play football, croquet, or lawn darts.


Check out these tips for the lawn in May…


1. Apply slow release nitrogen fertilizer to bluegrass and tall fescue to promote summer growth if watering during the summer. Lower maintenance lawns skip this application.

2. Spot treat broadleaf weeds with a spray or use a fertilizer that includes a weed killer. Rain or irrigation within 24 hours of application will reduce effectiveness of the weed killer but the fertilizer needs to be watered in. If you are using a product that has both fertilizer and weed killer, wait 24 hours after the application before watering in.

3. Keep mower blades sharp for a healthier turf.

4. Sod or sprig zoysia lawns to fill in bare areas
5. Fertilize zoysia lawns with high nitrogen to promote green up and summer growth
6. Mow zoysia at 1 to 2 inches tall
7. Mow bluegrass and tall fescue at 3 inches

8. Withhold early summer watering until needed to promote more drought tolerant lawns


Happy planting!

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