8 Tips for February in the Garden

The cold usually increases in February before decreasing in March and the coming of spring. Follow these 8 tips when looking for something to do in February, and be sure to dress for the weather!

  • When the weather is clear, check stone fruits (peach, cherry, apricot, plum) for black knot formations on branches. Prune these out and burn or trash (do not chip and compost). Be sure to clean your pruners in between cuts with alcohol
Black knot on purple leaf plum tree
  • Prune and thin raspberry canes, start by cutting back last year’s fruiting canes to the ground. Then thin clumps to 9 to 12 canes, cut and remove any diseased or spindly canes
  • Remove the weakest and largest canes from blueberries, currants, gooseberries, and elderberries
Prune the oldest, largest canes of blueberry, elderberry, and currants
  • Take careful notes on new perennials you may want to add to the garden
  • You should have received many mail order catalogs by now-check out the latest and greatest new plant offerings, and maybe a few old favorites too
  • If you have time, start clearing out perennial beds and piling debris in brush piles or chop them for compost

  • Burn ornamental grasses if you have clearance to do so
Burn ornamental grasses if you have the clearance from the house and the fire department
  • Apply dormant oil to all fruit trees except apricot


Happy planting!

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